Truly Solventless Concentrates

Meticulously Crafted for a True to the Plant Taste and Experience

Carefully Crafted for an Elevated Experience

Like all of our products, it all starts with the farm! Our Truly Solventless products hinge on careful strain selection. Unlike other products, solventless extraction relies solely on agitation to extract compounds from the plant material. Thus, we meticulously choose strains with trichomes that can be easily separated, ensuring desired yields and profiles.
After obtaining the desired material, we utilize a controlled water bath for agitation, avoiding the use of ice to prevent unstable temperatures and over-agitation, which can extract unwanted waxes and plant matter. Once agitation is complete and trichome heads are removed, the mixture is drained through micron filters to separate hash from water. The finer 70µ-90µ hash undergoes cold curing and processing for vaporizer hardware consistency, while the rest is used for our Truly Solventless Infused Pre-Rolls.

Truly Solventless All-In-One Vaporizer

Premium Cold Cured Live Hash Rosin filled in our state-of-the-art vaporizer hardware.

Truly Solventless Infused Pre-rolls

Premium quality, fully manicured flower delicately infused with our solventless concentrates.

Why choose Entourage Cannabis products?

Our team is dedicated to transparency and protecting the cannabis consumer from harmful ingredients. We specialize in creating the cleanest and the most pure cannabis products on the market today.