Protecting the Medicinal Properties of Cannabis

Entourage Cannabis was formed under a partnership of like-minded individuals looking to set a professional standard in the rapidly growing Cannabis industry. Our team truly believes in the medicinal properties of cannabis and have all had personal experiences where it has had positive impacts on the lives of family and friends. Together we took on the huge responsibility of protecting the integrity of the medicinal properties of cannabis.


Entourage Cannabis Is An All Organic Grow

We use a proprietary soil mix made up of “protein based” fertilizers.
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About Our Grow

Entourage Cannabis’s grow philosophy comes out of this responsibility and dictates how we approach everything in the garden. Entourage Cannabis is an all organic grow that utilizes a proprietary soil mix made up of “protein based” fertilizers. Predatory bugs such as lady bugs, nematodes, and predatory mites are used to control unwanted pests in the garden. Pure water and a proprietary compost tea blend are the only thing that will be watered in their entire life. Using this approach allows us to grow some of the cleanest cannabis on the market today.

No Pesticides

Absolutely no pesticides are used at Entourage Cannabis as this would eliminate our predatory bug population. Cannabis flowers in our garden are left completely untouched during their life cycle. No sprays, no molds or mildews, and no dust or pollen from other plants. This not only creates a wonderful smoking experience but also makes some of the best cannabis extracts in the world. Here at Entourage Cannabis we don’t just try and grow cannabis for the highest THC percentages but we look at all of the properties contained in each different phenotype of cannabis.

Millions of Different Phenotypes

Each strain of cannabis has millions of different phenotypes and each phenotype has its own cannabinoid makeup. Each “pheno” has different amounts of THC, CBD, CBG, and many more cannabinoids. Every phenotype also has different terpenes with endless combinations to create unique smells and tastes. Over the years our team has learned that all of these different cannabinoids and terpenes work in conjunction with one another to create unique medical benefits specific to each phenotype. We call this the entourage effect.

Perfect Smell, Taste & Cannabinoids

Growing cannabis in our organic buffet of “protein based” nutrients allows us to bring out each plants full potential in not only smell and taste but increases their numbers of different cannabinoids. Entourage Cannabis’s team is constantly looking to improve our entourage of terpenes and cannabinoids to give customers the most every plant has to offer, both medicinally and recreationally. Come with us on this journey to uncover nature’s gift and have the peace of mind that comes with our promise to put the consumer first.

Why choose Entourage Cannabis products?

We specialize in hand selected strains of cannabis from across the globe, grown in a proprietary blend of organic soil. Our team is 100% committed to creating the best cannabis products on the planet.