Our Roots in Medicinal Extracts

Entourage Cannabis was originally formed within the Oregon medical market with the mission to provide an organically grown and unadulterated cannabis extract to patients. Since the beginning we have focused on the Entourage Effect, the combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes working together in synergy to provide the greatest medicinal benefits. Our team has learned that each phenotype has a very unique cannabinoid and terpene profile that can provide a myriad of medicinal benefits.

As we make our products, it is very important to us to protect the original cannabis profiles to keep the medicinal benefits stemming from the natural ratios and synergistic relationships. We never add anything, or go through extreme “purification” processes aimed to isolate certain cannabinoids.

High-Quality Extracts

Entourage Cannabis uses a proprietary method to create high-quality award-winning extracts. We know that quality in equals quality out, which is why all of our extracts start with top-tier clean Cannabis. We ensure that all of the cannabis going in, as well as our extracts coming out, are always free from any harmful materials. The Cannabis extraction process used at Entourage Cannabis preserves the natural terpenes and cannabinoids the plant contains.

Live Badder

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    The Live Resin Badder from Entourage Cannabis is perfect for those looking for an elevated dabbing experience. We use only the cleanest high-quality fresh frozen cannabis flower to create our Live Resin Badder. Our delicate post-processing techniques allow us to create an extract which is smooth and powerfully aromatic without sacrificing quality or potency. Like our other products, our Live Resin Badder is extracted at -80 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps preserve the natural ratios of terpenes and cannabinoids creating a better overall experience with stronger effects.

Cured Badder

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    The Cured Badder from Entourage Cannabis provides a very enjoyable smoking experience. We use only the cleanest top-tier cannabis to make our Cured Badder. Our extraction and delicate post-processing techniques allow us to preserve the natural cannabinoids and terpenes produced by the plant itself. Cured Badder is made from Cured Flower. Cured Flower is just flower that was hung to dry, or “Cure”. The Cured Badder from Entourage Cannabis is smooth and full of flavor creating an excellent dabbing experience.

Sugar Wax

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    Our classic Sugar Wax has been the bread and butter of our company since our launch into the Recreational Cannabis Market in 2017. Our Sugar Wax is always made from high-quality clean cannabis. Our high-efficiency extraction process allows us to preserve more of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes and provides our Sugar Wax with potent aromas and effects. During our post-extraction process the THCa in the extract begins to crystalize producing the distinct texture of Sugar Wax. The Sugar Wax from Entourage Cannabis provides a dabbing experience that is flavorful with an excellent high.

2 Gram Sugar Wax

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    If you enjoy our classic Sugar Wax you will love this! Our Sugar Wax is now conveniently available in 2-gram quantities. It is the same great quality extract, but it is twice the amount of product. This is perfect for sharing, or for those who want to make their own potent edibles at home. Our 2-gram Sugar Wax is more bang for your buck, and you know what they say, “Two is always better than one”.

Live Resin Cartridges

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    Our Truly Live Resin Cartridges are made with only the cleanest high-quality fresh frozen cannabis sourced from some of the best outdoor farms in the state of Oregon. Our Live Resin Cartridges are always 100% live resin. Each batch of Live Resin extracts we produce must meet elevated standards for color, consistency and terpene content to make it into our golden cartridges. Once we fill our cartridges in our production facility, each unit undergoes thorough vetting processes to ensure our customers receive a consistently high-quality extract with each experience.

Our Extraction Process Is What Sets Us Apart

Our high-efficiency extraction process allows us to retain higher ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes than common extraction methods. This lets us capture the true essence of the cannabis plant in our concentrates and produces a more elevated effect.
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Entourage Cannabis Has Always Maintained Our Core Values

In order to meet the demands of the recreational market, Entourage Cannabis has developed lasting relationships with many like-minded farms to source only the highest quality material. We are proud to put those farms on our packaging as well to help customers recognize the hard work they put in to provide clean, quality cannabis. Even with the rise in demand, Entourage Cannabis has maintained the core values that come with providing a quality product. Any increase in quantity must never decrease our quality standards and we can only grow at a pace that we can source quality material. Entourage Cannabis’s entire team has had to sacrifice and have taken it on themselves to always strive for excellence and protect the integrity of a rapidly changing industry. Family owned and operated, with multiple full households working in some capacity at Entourage Cannabis, we strive to put the customer before profit as we know this will ultimately be the true path to success.

We hope that you join us on the ever changing road to Discover Nature’s Gift.

Why choose Entourage Cannabis products?

We specialize in hand selected strains of cannabis from across the globe, grown in a proprietary blend of organic soil. Our team is 100% committed to creating the best cannabis products on the planet.