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Entourage Cannabis was founded in 2014 as an Oregon Medicinal Cannabis Producer under the name CBDiscovery. As the prices for CBD products skyrocketed, CBDiscovery aimed its goals at providing consumers with affordable CBD Products. CBDiscovery changed its name to Entourage Cannabis as we turned our focus primarily on providing high quality THC products with the Entourage Effect in mind. Our recent rebrand to Entourage Cannabis has provided a more accurate representation of what we stand for, which is simply that, the Entourage Effect and the holistic benefits that cannabis provides.

Our goal is to provide Oregonians with clean cannabis products free of pesticides and other harmful additives. As an active lifestyle brand, we value the holistic benefits that cannabis gives to our health and overall wellbeing. With this in mind, we only source cannabis from some of the cleanest and highest quality farms in the state. Our fine-tuned extraction process then allows us to protect the natural ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes found in their plants to create a more elevated high and an overall better experience.

“Quality in equals quality out” is a well-known phrase at Entourage and we use this philosophy to create some of the best extracts and infused pre-rolls on the market today!

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What’s The Entourage Cannabis Difference?


Building a Community

Entourage Cannabis is dedicated to building lasting relationships with our partners. We proudly source high-quality cannabis from dozens of small and/or family-owned farms from all over the state of Oregon.


A Better Process

Our unique extraction process allows us to retain higher ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes which are more true to the plant than common extraction processes.


Setting the Standard

We aren’t interested in the bottom dollar. We’re interested in producing the best cannabis products on a consistent basis. Entourage Cannabis has taken home five 1st place trophies and has placed within the top 3 of every cannabis competition we’ve entered since 2017 using this philosophy.

More About Us

Entourage Cannabis’ founders have a history of competition, leadership, and success and take their competitive nature and demand for high quality into the cannabis market. They have recognized a market in need of consistent high-quality flower and concentrates. Using permaculture techniques from the Big Island of Hawaii and years of both indoor and outdoor growing experience, the growers have developed a system in which there is a bi-weekly harvest without having to use harsh chemicals or salt fertilizers. Entourage Cannabis’ unique warehouse design allows for assembly line style of mass production while never losing control over quality.

The unique combination of grow facility and concentrate production facility allows for the living plant to be used to make the freshest and highest quality extracts in the market. With the lab training, experience and understanding of organic chemistry from their lab director, Entourage Cannabis’ founders have developed a delicate process used during production that keeps the terpene molecules in the oil that give the flower its taste and smell. All plant material that has no medical or recreational value is also removed to create an extremely smooth smoking experience. Entourage Cannabis has been setting the industry standard for what quality is in the concentrate market. No customer should have to sacrifice health for quality in taste. Using the high terpene oil, the founders are ready to release a series of new concentrates that have not been seen on the market to date.

Entourage Cannabis was formed under a partnership of like-minded individuals looking to set a professional standard in the rapidly growing Cannabis industry. Using an all organic approach the Entourage Cannabis’ team utilizes cutting edge lighting technology combined with proprietary commercial extraction methods to produce an ultra-high quality product fit for every Oregonian.

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Why choose Entourage Cannabis products?

We specialize in hand selected strains of cannabis from across the globe, grown in a proprietary blend of organic soil. Our team is 100% committed to creating the best cannabis products on the planet.