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Entourage Cannabis works year round providing clients with cannabis and cannabis extracts. Hand selected strains of cannabis from across the globe, grown in a proprietary blend of organic soil and processed into one of the purest essential cannabis oils in the market today.

Entourage Cannabis was created with the purpose of commercially growing recreational Cannabis and the wholesale production of Cannabis extracts and infused products. The proprietary process created by Entourage Cannabis’s team of highly experienced growers allows the production of high-grade, organic Cannabis on a consistent basis. The process uses protein-based fertilizers mixed into a proprietary soil mix allowing the plants to uptake nutrients and water as needed, thus eliminating the need for a cleaning flush and allows the Cannabis plant to reach its full potential in flavor and aroma. Entourage Cannabis holds the quality of our product to the highest standard.

Like a fine wine, customers will be able to distinguish between the many different strains offered based solely upon the taste and smell. After the raw flower is harvested, the whole flower is used with a proprietary extraction process developed by Entourage Cannabis’s Processing Director/Chemist to turn flower into pure Cannabis extract while keeping the strain-specific taste and smell. The oil can be sold in its raw form or used to create a wide array of Cannabis infused products. To keep up with the vast demand for our products Entourage Cannabis has teamed up with a vast network of like-minded growers to provide some of the best extraction material on the market. Entourage Cannabis works closely with each grower to fine tune the harvesting process in order to get the highest quality end product.


What’s The Entourage Cannabis Difference?

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Entourage Cannabis strives every day to set the standard for high quality cannabis oil and hopes to vastly improve the marketplace by putting the consumer first.

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A Better Process

We use a unique, bi-weekly harvest without having to use harsh chemicals or salt fertilizers

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Setting the Standard

Entourage Cannabis isn’t interested in being a service provider. We’re interested in producing the highest quality product on a consistent basis.

More About Us

Entourage Cannabis’s founders have a history of competition, leadership, and success and take their competitive nature and demand for high quality into the cannabis market. They have recognized a market in need of consistent high-quality flower and concentrates. Using permaculture techniques from the Big Island of Hawaii and years of both indoor and outdoor growing experience, the growers have developed a system in which there is a bi-weekly harvest without having to use harsh chemicals or salt fertilizers. Entourage Cannabis’s unique warehouse design allows for assembly line style of mass production while never losing control over quality.

The unique combination of grow facility and concentrate production facility allows for the living plant to be used to make the freshest and highest quality extracts in the market. With the lab training, experience and understanding of organic chemistry from their lab director, Entourage Cannabis’s founders have developed a delicate process used during production that keeps the terpene molecules in the oil that give the flower its taste and smell. All plant material that has no medical or recreational value is also removed to create an extremely smooth smoking experience. Entourage Cannabis has been setting the industry standard for what quality is in the concentrate market. No customer should have to sacrifice health for quality in taste. Using the high terpene oil, the founders are ready to release a series of new concentrates that have not been seen on the market to date.

Entourage Cannabis was formed under a partnership of like-minded individuals looking to set a professional standard in the rapidly growing Cannabis industry. Using an all organic approach the Entourage Cannabis team utilizes cutting edge lighting technology combined with proprietary commercial extraction methods to produce an ultra-high quality product fit for every Oregonian.

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Why choose Entourage Cannabis products?

We specialize in hand selected strains of cannabis from across the globe, grown in a proprietary blend of organic soil. Our team is 100% committed to creating the best cannabis products on the planet.