Organic high-quality flower

A true dedication to the best flower product in the industry
Our team takes the time to ensure we have the cleanest product on the market. No sprays, no pesticides, and no salt fertilizers. We use a proprietary soil mix that produces some of the strongest cannabis on the market.
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Award-winning sugar wax

We retain all of the original terpenes and cannabinoids
This allows us to have a more medicinal product. After the extraction process, you’re left with pure THCa crystals floating in a sauce of terpenes and other cannabinoids, Hence the name “Sugar Wax”, it looks like grains of sugar in a sauce.
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Continuing to discover

We’re always working on creating the best
Entourage Cannabis is dedicated to employing the most innovative technology, most effective techniques, and most passionate team in order to develop and create the best cannabis products, period. We’re striving to be the “purest” name in the industry.
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Winner of the Dope Cup 2017

Entourage Cannabis was founded in 2014 in Oregon USA, specializing at that time in medical marijuana. We became one of the first companies in Oregon to obtain a license for recreational marijuana services, when recreational services were legalized in 2017. In 2017, Entourage Cannabis won the High Times and Dope Magazine prestigious DOPE CUP. We’ve also won Bud of the Month for Eugene Weekly, and Best Wax in the competitive King Canna cup. Today, we’re leading the way for small-scale, high-quality indoor flower and extracts

Family Owned Business

Not only are we proudly family-owned, but we also treat our customers like family. We’d love to welcome you to the Entourage Cannabis family too.

Quality, not Quantity

We get excited about what we do. We think you’ll notice our passion for our products in their quality. We focus on producing only the best.

Licensed & Insured

Entourage Cannabis was one of the first duel licensed companies to get recreational approval in 2017.

We Want to Know!

Product quality means everything to us, let us know how we can do better! Feedback@entouragecanna.com.

Pure and Clean

The term “kosher” has been thrown around when referring to our cannabis oil because we feel morally obligated to provide a clean, medicinal product to our customers.

We're Growing

You can currently find Entourage Cannabis products in over 100+ dispensaries throughout all the major regions of the state of Oregon.

Find Us

Entourage Cannabis is available at 100+ locations, and we’re adding more all the time. We would love for you to try us out. Take a minute to find us around.


Since the beginning we have focused on the entourage effect, the combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes working together in synergy to provide the greatest medical benefits.


Entourage Cannabis is an all organic grow that utilizes a proprietary soil mix made up of “protein based” fertilizers. Learn more about our approach.

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